Selecting Dimensions for Portable Ramps

Our portable ramps are available in 29 ½”, 29 ¾”, and 30″ widths – all suitable for wheelchairs, segways, and walkers. All portable ramps come standard with 2″ side rails. Our roll-up-ramps are available in 12″, 26″, 30″, and 36″ widths suitable for not only wheelchairs, segways and walkers but also for moving heavy equipment such as carts, laundry bins, etc.

To determine the necessary ramp length, we first need to measure the rise.

If we’re following the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) unassisted ratio of 1:12 – for every inch of rise you should have one foot of ramp. In other words say you have three steps leading to your front door. Each step is 6″. This means you have a total rise of 18″. Therefore, you should have 18 feet of ramp per ADA’s standard of a 1:12 ratio.

If however we’re following the ADA’s 2:12 assisted rise you may take your rise (i.e. 18″) convert it to feet (18′) and cut the length of the ramp in half. Again, this is only for an assisted rise where a person is being pushed up/down the ramp or is using some type of motorized vehicle (wheelchair, segway).

Threshold Ramp Rise

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