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Non-Slip Tread Information

Stair Treads Overview

Our non-slip aluminum treads are designed to be easily installed on any surface in any location. The patented stair tread design reduces the possibility of slips and falls on stairs, ramps, and platforms.

Non-Slip Tread Applications

Our non-slip treads have been purchased by the U.S. government, educational facilities, state parks, restaurants, and property owners wanting to keep family and guests safe. Please view our non-slip tread applications to see them mounted.

Why Buy a Handi-Tread

Two million people are treated in the emergency room every year for slip and fall injuries (Center for Disease Control). Investing in our permanent non-slip solution is cost-effective and installation is hassle-free.

Features and Benefits

Our non-slip treads are weather resistant and feature pre-punched holes designed to dramatically increase traction that is guaranteed to last. Installation takes less than a minute per tread on wooden stairs. Check out more features and benefits

Color and Sizing Options

Handi-Ramp understands aesthetics. We have expanded our selection to feature nine different tread models, each with five different colors. Please visit our tread color and sizing options page.

Handi-Treads vs. Alternatives

Handi-Treads are the best non-slip safety product on the market. We have put together a comparison guide to show you how Handi-Treads stack up to the competition. Check it out to see the differences between our non-slip treads and grit tape/grit paint.

Installing a Non-Slip Tread

Handi-Treads are quick and easy to install. We’ve written clear, concise directions to guide you through the installation process. Visit our install page for the complete guide.

Slip and Fall Factoids

Slip and fall statistics seem to consistently evade the spotlight of big media. We’ve compiled a short list of facts from the Center for Disease Control, National Safety Council, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help keep you informed of the dangers of slipping and falling.

Alternative Cost Comparison

This page provides a detailed cost comparison between our non-slip treads and alternative products such as grit tape and grit paint.

Non-Slip Tread Warranty

Handi-Ramp takes pride in producing quality products and backs them up with generous warranties. Check out our warranty page for information regarding Handi-Treads.

Use on Plastic Wood

In recent years, builders and homeowners have started replacing real wood with a low-maintenance plastic alternative Our treads are compatible with any surface, even plastic wood.

Case Studies

National Zoo

The National Zoo approached Handi-Ramp attempting to make a staircase safer for the thousands of guests visiting per week. How do you make it safer for senior citizens and children to walk down slick steps? Read full National Zoo case study.

Popular Eatery

Read about how an investor spent two years searching for the ideal location to open a new restaurant, logistics, etc. only to encouter a slip and fall problem within weeks of opening. Read the full story here about the popular eatery.

Scaffolding and a High Rise

How do you create a safer situation for construction crews or window washers working several stories in the air with a scaffolding system that becomes dangerously slick in higher elevations? Read how by reading our scaffold article.

Paddle Tennis Safety

With dozens of members arriving each day to fit a workout into their busy schedule, keeping them safe is a priority. The challenge is identifying a product that keeps them safe without getting in the way of the game. Read how Handi-Ramp achieved this at a paddle tennis club and improved the safety of hundreds of players.

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