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Paddle Tennis Club

A private paddle tennis club in the Midwest recently contacted Handi-Ramp in an effort to reduce the incidence of slip and fall injuries on their property. Learn More

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Vacation Home

In mid-2013, a couple bought a home in Western Michigan adjacent to a lake. They spent months upgrading the interior and exterior of their house to improve comfort and safety. They quickly identified their wooden deck as a slip and fall hazard due to its slick finish and the constant presence of dew. Learn More

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Forest Preserve

A forest preserve on the east coast noticed that their wooden infrastructure (stairs, walkways, and platforms) was deteriorating over time, creating a potentially dangerous slip and fall hazard. This was especially threatening to their largest visitor demographic, the elderly. To ensure that no one was injured in a slip and fall, the most dangerous sections of the preserve were closed off. Learn More

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Oregon Cabin

A couple of years ago, Handi-Ramp received an inquiry from a couple in Oregon who were concerned about slip and fall accidents at their summer cabin in Oregon. Their kids had experienced at least one slip and fall injury every week during the summer months they spent at their property. Learn More

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Popular Restaurant

A new restaurant began experiencing slip-and-fall issues at their rear patio seating area. Learn More

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Backyard Garden

A husband was worried that his wife would slip and fall while tending to her garden. He contacted Handi-Ramp to find a solution. Learn More

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Wheelchair Ramp

Non-slip treads were installed on a wheelchair ramp so that grandma could walk around independently and safely without the potential for a slip and fall accident. Learn More

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Wood Boardwalk

Over 300 custom powder coated black and a few powder coated safety yellow non-slip treads were mounted on a boardwalk in a popular Midwestern forest preserve. The boardwalk had turned into a slip and fall hazard for joggers and bicyclists. Preserve officials were forced to shut down the small section until a solution could be found. All 300+ treads were custom manufactured and powder coated to meet the specifications. Installation by Handi-Ramp took three days and the boardwalk was reopened a week after closing. Learn More

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National Zoo

The head groundskeeper at the National Zoo decided to slip-proof a large wooden staircase using Handi-Treads. After a discussion with a tread specialist, the groundskeeper ordered, received, and installed over two dozen treads within a week. Learn More

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Vacation Spot

A popular vacation town in South Carolina erected a wooden boardwalk stretching several hundred yards into the Atlantic Ocean. Over a short period of time, the town became aware of water and salt residue causing slips and falls among local residents and tourists. Through word of mouth, the city ordered several non-slip treads to eliminate the threat of injuries. Learn More

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Building Maintenance

With the ‘construction season’ at its peak throughout much of the U.S., crews need to be kept safe while scaling the sides of buildings. A construction company in Florida realized this and took the initiative to eliminate a slip and fall hazard on scaffolding. Learn More

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