Non-Slip Stair Treads – HandiTreads vs. Alternatives

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We believe grit tape is a decent product for low-traffic residential and commercial areas. The reason we say this is because grit tape is NOT designed and manufactured to last. Grit tape relies on its ‘gritty’ surface to provide the traction and stability. But what happens when that ‘gritty’ surface wears out after a few months?

Grip paint wears out just as fast. Usually non-slip paint is used at commercial or industrial locations to prevent workers from slips and falls. The more foot traffic walking on the paint, the more it’ll chip, crack, and become useless. Paint is relatively cheap, but do you really want to scrape off the remnants before painting a new layer every few months?

Our non-slip treads are different. First and foremost, they are made from aluminum. Aluminum is highly corrosion resistant and weighs ⅓ as much as steel. Furthermore, aluminum is a good reflector of light and heat allowing you to safely walk on the treads in bare feet.

Our treads feature a unique raised-button surface that provides traction in all circumstances and will never wear down. Each button is pre-punched to allow water, snow, ice and other sediments to flow underneath the tread.

The staff at Handi-Ramp conducted a test of the three products above – tape, paint, and treads. The image below illustrates the results after three months, four months, and two years.

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