Non-Slip Stair Treads – Features & Benefits

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Our non-slip treads feature several benefits:

  • Each tread takes under a minute to install on a wood surface.
  • Manufactured using high quality aluminum, our treads will never rust, crack, or wear down when subjected to inclement weather, corrosive materials, or heavy foot traffic.
  • All treads have pre-punched screw holes designed to make installation easier. 30″ residential treads feature 12 holes; 48″ Residential treads, 48″ Commercial treads feature 18 holes; 12″ pads feature 6 holes; 30″ strips feature 4 holes; 30″ x 2.75″ nosings feature 9 holes; 30 x 6″ nosings feature 14 holes; 30 x 9″ nosings feature 15 holes. Screws for wood are included with your treads, eliminating the need for a trip to the hardware store.
  • OSHA Approved Safety Surface for Steps – 1910.24(f)
  • When water is poured directly on the non-slip surface, it beads up and runs off. This also prevents ice from building up.
  • All aluminum non-skid treads are constructed of the same quality material that Handi-Ramp has used on their ramp systems for over 50 years.

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