Threshold Ramps for Wheelchairs, Scooters and Walkers

Threshold ramps are an inexpensive solution to doorway mobility. They can be used to negotiate wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and strollers over a door sill. Threshold ramps come in rubber and aluminum. Some feature an adjustable leg, depending on your specific needs.

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum Threshold RampOur aluminum threshold ramps are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Installation takes just a minute or two. Aluminum ramps are available with or without a black non-skid surface.

Our aluminum threshold ramps can support 600 pounds of weight or 375 pounds per axle. The ramps are available in two widths: 32″ or 36″, and come in the following lengths: 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 23″, 24″, 42″, and 48″. Depending on the size of the aluminum threshold ramp, they weigh between 3 to 40 pounds.

Rubber RampsRubber Threshold Ramp

This type of ramp helps you move through entryways and eliminates the grooved surface found on an aluminum threshold ramp. Rubber threshold ramps can be trimmed to size (width, length, and height) to fit your individual needs. Rubber threshold ramps are available at lengths of 14″, 24″, 25″, 48″. They weigh 18-127lbs depending on size.

Rubber threshold ramps for wheelchairs and scooters make the transition from inside to outside simple and can be used on any type of surface. Made of 100% recycled tires, the rubber threshold ramp is inexpensive, durable, easy to install, and designed for continued use without any wear and tear. Rubber threshold ramps will not rust or corrode.

Adjustable RampsAdjustable Threshold Ramp

Designed for single step rises up to nine inches in height or uneven surfaces, threshold ramps feature legs with a 2-inch adjustable height range, which can be modified to your specifications. Standard sizes are 32″ or 36″ wide by 12″, 23″, 24″, 36″, 42″, or 48″ long with custom dimensions available.

Our Stand-Alone threshold ramps can support weights of 600lbs or 750lbs and weigh 6 – 40lbs depending on the size. The exclusive non-slip button or expanded metal surface and adaptable design for single steps or doorways make this ramp ideal for a variety of situations. When you place your order, select the appropriate rise (leg lengths adjust up to 2″). Safety side curbs are cut level to the top of the threshold, allowing your door to open over the ramp.

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