Selecting dimensions for a Threshold Ramps

We have created the guide below to help you determine the correct dimensions for the ADA-compliant threshold ramp that you will need.


Rubber thresholds are designed specifically for the rise of your threshold from 1/2″ up through 4 3/4″ in half-inch increments. Aluminum threshold ramps, by virtue of their construction and installation, can provide a customized fit from no more than a ¼” height difference up to 9″ of rise. The first step is to determine the rise of the ramp location.


Threshold Ramp Rise


Standard main doorway widths are 36″ wide, while secondary exterior doors are 32″ wide. Whether you’re looking at a rubber, aluminum, or adjustable threshold, your width choices will be 32″, 36″, or 48″. Our rubber thresholds can be trimmed to meet your specific size. Aluminum and adjustable threshold ramps cannot be trimmed. Choosing the correct width is important.

If you prefer to have a ramp that EXCEEDS the width of your door frame, the 48″ wide threshold ramp will do. Just keep in mind that you must have 48″ of space for the threshold ramp to fit in the desired location.


The length of a threshold ramp (the distance from the door frame to the end of the ramp) will vary according to the ramp’s specific rise. The most common lengths are 24″, 36″, and 42″ with intermediate lengths of 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, and 18″. Just like the width, you must have anywhere from 8″ – 42″ of length available for the threshold to fit.


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