Threshold Ramp Overview

We have several threshold ramp models in stock, each designed to meet a unique need. To see our full list of products, please visit our threshold overview page.

Threshold Ramp Set Up

Ever wonder how our aluminum threshold ramp stays in place, or how an adjustable foot can make transitioning from a dirt road to your front door easy? Our installation page discusses these options and helps to make your installation as smooth as possible.

Info on Buying

When purchasing a threshold ramp for your door sill there are several aspects to consider; length and width of the ramp, lip height or rise, weight capacity, and the adjustability of the legs. Our buying guide compares the threshold ramps we carry to make your decision easier.

Selecting Threshold Ramp Dimensions

The most difficult part of purchasing a threshold ramp is determining the size needed. Our threshold ramps are designed to fit in all standard doorway widths. Our threshold dimensions page outlines the varies sizes we carry to help guide your decision.

Selecting Threshold Ramp Capacity

Nothing is worse than ordering a product to find out its weight capacity is insufficient. Our selecting capacity guide takes you through the process of properly calculating a maximum weight capacity and later selecting your model ramp.

Rubber vs. Aluminum Threshold Ramp

Our rubber vs. aluminum threshold page is an overview the differences between the two types of ramps and judge which would be the best fit for your need.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Height

Some of our ramps are available with an option to raise or lower the leg height with the simple twist of a couple screws. Other ramps are available at a fixed height. View the difference between the two options on our fixed vs. adjustable page.

Need more help? Feel free to call our helpful Sales Representatives at (847) 680-7700!

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