How to Sell Your Used Yard Ramp

Is your yard ramp taking up valuable space and costing you money? Has its usefulness been exhausted? Now is the perfect time to convert your yard ramp into fast cash!

Who Buys Used Forklift Ramps?

Other businesses that have a need for temporary or portable yard ramps may be looking to buy your yard ramp. However, their needs may not fit your exact ramp and it can take multiple back and forth conversations with potential buyers to make the sale. Even then, moving the ramp can be a difficult process to coordinate as well.

Handi-Ramp can save you valuable time by either helping you find a buyer directly or by purchasing your ramp ourselves. We will buy your used yard ramps, used forklift ramps, and used container ramps for cash. Our sales team will provide you with a full quote and offer to buy within 48 hours. Simply call now or fill out the form and hit submit to get in touch. Plus, Handi-Ramp takes responsibility for prompt pickup of your ramp allowing you to focus on your business.

Contact us at 1-800-876-RAMP

Do you want to upgrade your current yard ramp? Contact us and we can work out a trade-in-deal.

What Information Do I Need to Sell or Trade In My Container Ramp?

You will need the following pieces of information:

  • Age of the ramp;
  • What the ramp was used for; and
  • Photos

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