Wheel Attachments for Yard Ramp Undercarriage

Pneumatic-profile wheels provide excellent shock absorption. The tubular steel axle assembly is strong enough to handle everything the ramp can, all while allowing the ramp to be repositioned with incredible ease.

The wheels can also be hooked up to a hydraulic lift system, which does away with the manual cranks and pumps of a mechanical system. Hydraulics make repositioning the ramp even simpler.

Hydraulic wheels can be made in solid rubber or steel, while pneumatic-profile wheels only come in steel.


Ramp Clamp

Ramp clamps are easy-to-use, durable clamps that wrap around a forklift’s loader and the ramp, binding them together. These make the ramp completely portable and easy to reposition to suit your loading dock.


Tow Bar

The tow bar is another forklift-based method for relocating your yard ramp. The tow bar is a sturdy steel bar that attaches to the base of the ramp and back of a forklift. With the wheels down, the ramp can be effortlessly towed from place to place by the forklift operator.

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