A ground-to-dock yard ramp rises from the ground at a straight, gentle angle and ends at a loading dock or portable loading platform. Ground-to-dock ramps are around 30 feet long, making them simple and safe to navigate with a fully-loaded forklift. A standard loading dock is about 4 feet off the ground, so this forklift ramp would have a 10 degree incline or less if the ground covered is flat or any amount of decline.

A ground-to-dock ramp can also be used as a car ramp to gain access to your facility for pickup trucks and other vehicles.

The ramp features two solid wheels, either hydraulic or pneumatic, that allow the yard ramp to be easily adjusted. Chain brackets – loops at the sides of the ramp used to attach chains – are also available as a means of increasing mobility or securing the yard ramp to its dock. These ramps work best when firmly attached to a single stationary dock. The ramp comes in a variety of weight capacities, from 20,000 pounds and up.

A mini yard ramp is also a ground-to-dock ramp. For docks with a lower than standard dock height, shorter ramps can be used that are still safe to climb for a forklift. These ramps are typically 15 to 18 feet long instead of the standard 30 feet. Handi-Ramp can build a ramp to any specification.

If you’re looking for a more versatile method of transporting goods from the ground-level to your loading dock, look no further. Handi-Ramp offers options for customers to purchase new or used ground-to-dock ramps. Alternately, businesses have the choices to rent or lease a straight 30′ ramp.

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