Portable steel yard ramps are more popular and cost-effective than aluminum yard ramps. They can support weights of up to 50,000 pounds and typically last for more than 20 years. Portable steel yard ramps are used to expand loading dock capacities and create loading facilities in the absence of a permanent loading dock. A yard ramp can also convert a loading dock into a drive-in door without the need for new construction.

Handi-Ramp ships steel forklift ramps out of a location near you to minimize your shipping expense. Here are some examples:


Steel Yard Ramp in California
Steel yard ramp used for loading a car in California

Steel Yard Ramp in Chicago
Steel yard ramp loading freight in Chicago

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Steel yard ramp in use with loading dock

Steel yard ramp moving equipment in Ohio
Steel yard ramp moving equipment in Ohio

Portable steel yard ramps are also referred to as mobile loading dock ramps, forklift ramps, and mobile container ramps. Easily position your yard ramp at a trailer, railcar, or loading dock to optimize material handling efficiency.

Portable Steel Yard Ramp Features

  • 100% steel welded construction
  • Weight capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds
  • Custom sizes and capacities can be designed for your specific needs
  • Rubber tires or steel wheels included
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Optional hydraulic pump or hand crank for adjusting yard ramp height

The open serrated steel grating provides excellent traction while preventing the build-up of snow, water, and other debris. The beveled approach provides a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp.

USA-made steel forklift ramps typically use A36 structural steel alloy, the same steel frequently used in construction projects. (Yard ramps built in China have been known to use a cheaper alloy to save money.) A36 has the perfect combination of strength, durability and economy.

The steel bar grating used in a Handi-Ramp portable steel yard ramp is made of welded carbon steel. We have found that lower quality ramps (Chinese) do not feature a true serrated surface. When one of these yard ramps gets wet, forklift tires will slip and create a potentially dangerous situation. Learn more about American-made yard ramps.

Steel Yard Ramps Should Be Brightly Colored

Bright colored yard ramps are easier to spot in low lightSteel yard ramps are always undercoated with a rust prohibiting primer. We recommend that your yard ramp be painted a bright color so that it can be identified in low light situations. We’ve seen yard ramps painted black or another dark color, increasing the risk of an unintentional collision.

Portable Loading Dock

A steel yard ramp combined with a portable loading platform creates an entirely portable loading dock. Use this portable system to complete material handling operations at a remote location.


Steel Forklift Ramp with Portable Loading Dock Platform

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