Non-Slip Stair Tread Applications – Backyard Garden Retreat

Slip and fall issues have garnered attention in recent months as the baby-boomer generation enters retirement. A recently retired couple contacted us about installing a pair of treads in their garden. This garden was a labor of love for the two retirees and featured two World War II era railroad ties as the centerpiece walkway leading up to a gazebo.

The husband recently noticed that the railroad ties were quickly deteriorating and became worried that his wife would slip and fall one day while tending to her garden. He suggested that they remove the slip and fall hazard, but his wife objected and told him to find another way to keep her safe.

After doing some research, the husband came across our non-slip treads and decided that the pads would make the best fit for the railroad ties. He placed an order and received the non-slip pads a few days later. After ten minutes of installation, he had rendered the railroad ties slip-proof and was satisfied with the piece of mind he received, knowing that his wife would be safe from a slip and fall accident.

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