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A city in South Carolina that had recently constructed a wooden boardwalk began fielding dozens of slip and fall complaints every week shortly after opening. It was apparent that waves crashing into the boardwalk were making the surface slippery, causing several unsuspecting people to injure themselves in a slip and fall accident.

The city searched for a viable slip and fall solution and came across our non-slip treads via word of mouth. Our treads were especially attractive for this particular location due to their corrosion resistance. The salt deposited by the crashing waves would not eat away at the aluminum tread even after years of heavy abuse. The permanent non-slip solution would also withstand the heavy foot traffic associated with the public location without the need for constant maintenance.

City council members decided that our Handi-Treads were the perfect, cost-effective solution to their slip and fall problem and promptly placed an order of several plain aluminum non-slip treads. They were installed within a week and have directly contributed to a significant decrease in the number of slip and fall incidences at the location.

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