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In mid-2013, a couple bought a home in Western Michigan adjacent to a lake. They spent months upgrading the interior and exterior of their house to improve comfort and safety. They quickly identified their wooden deck as a slip and fall hazard due to its slick finish and the constant presence of dew.

To prevent a slip and fall injury, the husband initially purchased a roll of non-slip grit tape and applied it to the deck surface at 3-board intervals to match an average human stride. Unfortunately, the grit tape wore off quickly and began to peel away from the wood.

After spending nearly a full day removing the remnant pieces of tape from the deck, the husband searched online for a permanent non-slip replacement. He came across our non-slip treads and was intrigued by the brown powder coated treads that closely matched the tone of his deck.

Shortly after placing his order, the husband received his shipment of brown non-slip Handi-Treads including the necessary screws and installation directions. With a little help from his wife, he completed the installation in less than an hour. The couple have since enjoyed their lake house to the full effect without having to worry about a potential slip and fall injury.

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