The ramps highlighted on the map are currently on a short term rental and available for future rentals.

Learn more about our Yard Ramp Rental Options. We are adding new ramps to this list regularly, so please contact us for availability and pricing.

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Yard Ramps U.S. Map

Look below for our listings across the country or visit a specific state to find the forklift ramps available to rent or purchase used in your area.

Ramp IDCapacityLengthUsable WidthCityState
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-103220,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"WilsonNorth Carolina
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-106820,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"OlivetteMissouri
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-106920,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"AnnistonAlabama
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-107520,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"WichitaKansas
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-107720,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"HammondIndiana
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-109020,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"Still WaterOklahoma
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-109920,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"LouisvilleMississippi
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-111620,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"Mt. ClemonsMichigan
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-112120,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"IndianapolisIndiana
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-114720,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"AuroraColorado
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-114820,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"AuroraColorado
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-114920,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"DetroitMichigan
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-115020,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"GulfportMississippi
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-115120,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"KenoshaWisconsin
Yard Ramp Icon MapITZ20-115420,000 lbs28 feet w/8' level off78"KenoshaWisconsin
Yard Ramp Icon MapM20-120020,000 lbs29 feet w/6' level off78"AlbanyGeorgia
Yard Ramp Icon MapM20-2645820,000 lbs29 feet w/6' level off78"TiogaPennsylvania
If there are no yard ramps available in your state, visit the national directory and look to save shipping costs for the closest equipment to your location. This list is updated monthly. Any individual ramp may already be under contract and new ramps may be available. Please call us for the latest availability.

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